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Why Is It an Air Conditioner and Not an Air Cooler?

Posted by Kelly on Apr 14, 2015 2:38:00 PM

What Air Conditioners Do Besides Cool Air Air conditioner

What’s in a name? For the modern day air conditioner, a lot! People may have wondered, why do we call it an air conditioner and not an air cooler? Well, that’s because it does way more than just cool the air – it conditions it for comfort. And that’s something Willis Carrier, the founder and namesake of Carrier Heating and Cooling, set out to do back when he invented it 113 years ago.

Conditioning For Comfort

You see, when Carrier invented the first modern air conditioner in 1902, it had to live up to its name, because it does so much more than cool the air.

Yes, of course it reduces the temperature of the air it brings in, but more importantly, it removes humidity. Keith Hill, manager, technical support, from Minnesota Air says that’s a good thing, because clammy air is uncomfortable and unhealthy.

“Anyone that’s been to Arizona knows that even on an 80-degree day, it can feel very comfy if it’s dry enough. That’s because our body perspiration evaporates and keeps us cool,” he says. “Our skin always has some moisture at the surface that evaporates in a dry environment, keeping us cool. The drier it is, the easier it evaporates, and the cooler we feel.”

Improving Healthy Living

Keith says it’s actually the dehumidification part of air conditioning that is more important to comfort than the temperature. Not only is removing humidity from the air better for furnishings, woodwork, and preventing mold and mildew, but it’s better for our health, too.

“Clammy air exacerbates respiratory conditions like allergies and asthma,” says Keith.

Improving the quality of the air means better living conditions and better comfort in your home – all something that couldn’t be accomplished without the modern air conditioner.

Thanks Willis!

Extra Fun Fact: You’d think the very first central air conditioner would’ve been installed in a home in Florida or Georgia, or another hot state, but the first air conditioner was installed in the Gates Mansion along the shores of Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis in 1914 – just 12 years after it was invented by Carrier.

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