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What You Should Know About Window Air Conditioning Units

Posted by Laura Landvik on Jun 19, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Advantages and Disadvantages of Window Air Conditioner
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Are you finding yourself desperate for some ways to cool your home? A central air conditioning system may not be an option for you but luckily window air conditioning units have improved dramatically over the years. They are a decent option to help combat the sultry summer air. What are some advantages and disadvantages of a window air conditioning unit?


They fit in small spaces

Window air conditioning units can effectively cool smaller spaces, such as a living room or bedroom. If you need localized cooling, a window unit might be just what you need.

They keep a low profile

Unlike bulky loud units of years gone-by, newer window air conditioning units have a much smaller profile and are quiet enough to not interrupt your sleep or conversations.

They're affordable

Compared to the installation of a central air unit, a window air unit is very affordable, as are its operating cost, which make it a good option for cooling your room.

They're energy efficient

Window air conditioning units can have the Energy Star rating, so you can have a cool room without wasting loads of energy and money.


They come with cooling limitations

Window air conditioning units are really made for just one room. Some units can cool larger rooms, but they don’t spread the cool air into adjacent rooms. You may think you’d be content with just your living space or bedroom cooled, until you move from that nice cool room to the steamy one across the hall.

They take up window space

Although the units are way less intrusive than in past years, you still know they are there. They eat up valuable window space, so often times, views are compromised and you lose that natural light. And they still make noise.

There's a potential economic loss

It definitely costs money buy, install and operate a window unit to cool just one room. So, if you need several rooms cooled, window units might not make economic sense.

Window air conditioning units come in so many sizes and options, nearly any window can be used for an air conditioning unit. You will, however, need to make sure the unit is properly installed. Consider your own living situation and your desires – and decide whether or not a window air conditioning unit is a good choice for you and your cooling needs.

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