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Power Through The Winter With Ideal Home Temperature Settings

Posted by Gregg on Feb 23, 2017 11:52:09 AM

Here in Minnesota it feels like we’re at the tail end of winter, but as we all know, that can change—literally—overnight. So while warmer temps are in sight, we’re still in heating season and most everyone hopes to find the ideal home temperature, especially as the weather fluctuates in the transition from winter to spring. Here are some ideas for finding and keeping an ideal temperature in your home as we close out this year’s heating season (fingers crossed).

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Winterizing Tips: Should I Cover My Air Conditioner

Posted by Brittany on Sep 16, 2015 4:07:24 PM

A few cool nights turn into a few cool days, and before you know it, the summer heat is done and so is the use of your air conditioner. That may have you wondering what to do next? How do you winterize your AC? Should you cover your air conditioner? The answer depends on a few factors and it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons.

The Pros

Should I Cover My Air ConditionerWe will start with the reasons for keeping it covered when winter rolls around.

First, covering your AC will offer protection from the elements. Dirt and debris won’t fall inside the outdoor unit as easily as an uncovered one. That means less of a chance that you’ll get twigs, branches, or leaves inside your AC over the fall and winter when they tend to blow around, fall off trees, or roll off your roof.

A covered AC will also stop snow from accumulating on the unit. In Minnesota, we are no stranger to high snow drifts or even blizzards that can leave several feet accrued outside. As that melts and re-freezes, it may leave unwanted moisture dripping into your unit – and moisture isn’t good for machinery. Ice can damage the coils and you may just want to avoid taking a chance. That being said, most HVAC equipment is made to withstand varying weather conditions, but things like hail and blizzards are especially destructive.

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Why Does Humidity Make Your Hair Crazy?

Posted by Brittany on Jun 12, 2015 10:34:22 AM

Frizzy, curly, wavy or just plain out of whack! If you’ve ever stepped outside to find your hair doing its best imitation of Albert Einstein’s locks, then you have the humidity to blame. So why does our hair seem to be such a great litmus test for high humidity? The answer is all in science.

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