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Top 3 Benefits Of Côr Thermostat Reports

Posted by Kelly on Apr 21, 2015 1:25:00 PM

How to Save More Energy With Côr Thermostat Reports Cor Thermostat Reports

Carrier’s Côr Thermostat is the latest in energy-saving technology for your home. It’s not only smart enough to monitor your usage patterns, but it also lets you know what to do to make your home more efficient by turning that information into simple, ready-to-take-action energy reports. This thermostat has the advantage of knowing your home better than you! So let’s turn this smart technology into an advantage for you too, by looking at the top three benefits of the Côr thermostat reports.

1) Easy To See The Savings

Côr Energy Reports are easy to read. Not only can you access them anywhere by using a desktop computer or a tablet, but they are also laid out in a very visual way, making it easy to see the savings. 

In the report, you’ll be able to see how many hours your HVAC system was running. If you use the Smart Setback setting – technology that knows when you are home or away and sets the thermostat accordingly – you’ll also be able to see how much you’ve been saving.

You’ll be able to look at energy use from month-to-month and compare them if you notice a change in your bill. Was this month cooler than last month? Did you work from home more days and therefore use more energy? Or were there just more days in the month?  The Côr Energy Reports will explain the factors that made the biggest impact on your system’s performance.

2) Community Comparison

You may not want to keep up with the Joneses, but how about other Côr users? The energy reports allow you to see how you compare with your neighbors when it comes to energy efficiency. You’ll be able to look at average thermostat readings and energy usage in your area. And you’ll also be able to see how your home stacks up to others in how well it gains and loses thermal energy. Are you on the more efficient or less efficient side of the spectrum? Côr can help you know!

Those comparisons may inspire you to improve your home’s efficiency even more. Maybe you have an attic that needs reinsulating or too many drafty windows that should probably be replaced? These comparisons can help you with the decision-making process of what improvements to make.

3) Customized Energy-Saving Tips

Carrier knows that knowledge is power and that’s why they are giving you the most in-depth look into your HVAC system’s performance. From the moment it is installed, the Côr thermostat is tracking minute-by-minute data to bring you individualized insights into your home’s HVAC system. Is your setback schedule working for your family? How has the change in weather affected your energy use? You’ll be able to see it all – and do more with that information – with customized tips for your home. Check out this video demonstration of the Côr™ Thermostat in action to see some examples of those personalized tips.

Let Cor Energy Reports Work For You!

In a world where we are always talking about being more energy efficient, the Cor thermostat’s energy reports take the guesswork out of what it takes to actually accomplish it. For more information about the Côr Thermostat or other products from Carrier, find your local heating specialists at Stay Comfy, Minnesota.


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