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Tips for Saving Energy over the Holidays

Posted by Brooke on Oct 28, 2014 9:28:08 AM

Reduce Heating Bills, Increase Holiday Cheer

It’s never too early to plan ahead for the holidays in Minnesota! Here are some proactive tips for your holiday events to help you save energy and money during the upcoming season.Reduce heating bills


It’s all about the food for the holidays, isn’t it? Food-related energy consumption can account for close to 15 percent of your energy bill. That includes the refrigeration you use, the actual cooking appliances, and then of course, the dreaded clean-up. To help reduce costs, utilize your smaller appliances when possible, like crockpots and toaster ovens. These use much less energy and still get the job done. Bake things together if possible to use that heated oven efficiently. Lastly, resist the urge to sneak a peek while things are cooking – you’re mainly just letting that heat escape!


Lights, lights and more lights – all fun, festive ways to decorate your home! To see a difference in your utility bill,  invest in LED lights this year. They may cost more upfront, but because our days are shorter, our lights are on longer. Therefore, investing in LED lights can help reduce your overall monthly bill – saving you significant dollars all winter long. Plus, LED lights last longer and are safer for your home.

Party Time

Turn down the thermostat. When we entertain, we generally have the heat from the kitchen and the heat from the guests to help warm things up. So turn down the thermostat a few hours before your guests arrive – you won’t even be able to tell the difference.


If you’re looking for yourself or for others, consider anything that has an Energy Star rating – as it is more energy efficient and a better choice for saving energy and money.

Be Efficient

It’s hard to map out and remember everything you need, but try to make as few trips to the store as possible when running errands. The fewer trips you make, the less fuel you'll use, saving yourself time and frustration!

With a touch of planning, you’ll save energy and money in the process during this festive time of year. Better prepare your home with help from your local Minnesota heating and cooling experts


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