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Minnesota Winter Advice from Your Local Heating Experts

Posted by Kelly on Mar 22, 2016 4:06:32 PM


As our Minnesota winter enters its final stretches, we want to give you some sage advice about heating and taking care of your HVAC system before the snowflake season ends. Here are some of the words of wisdom from our local heating expert, Keith Hill, the manager of technical support at Minnesota Air, on what you should be doing to prepare yourself and your HVAC this month. 

Don’t Forget To Change Your Filter

We may have some days that get warm enough to feel like a nice spring day, but that doesn’t mean we can turn off our furnaces just yet. Nights get colder and you may find yourself turning it up as your home cools down.

“Since our furnaces run less at this time of the year, we tend to take them for granted. Don’t forget about the basics – filter changes in particular,” says Keith.

“Even though the furnace doesn’t run that often, it still needs a clean filter to allow the right amount of air to keep it running a the proper temperatures.”

If you need to brush up on some of your filter FAQs and best practices, click here for our guide to filters. 

Schedule End-Of-The-Season Maintenance

Keith says that as the weather begins to get warmer and you begin using your furnace less frequently, it’s also a good time to think about end-of-season maintenance.  

“Get a pro to perform a motor and burner inspection, combustion analysis, etc., to make sure it’s ready to go for next heating season and to ensure that it will work fine in the air conditioning season,” he suggests. “Remember that your furnace is the air handler for your air conditioning system.” 

To find a professional that you trust will do a great job and be an expert on your HVAC system, do your homework! Check reviews, get recommendations, and ask questions. We’ll help you on your road to finding a great technician by sharing our ‘Guide To Hiring an HVAC Pro’ here.

Think Ahead To The Off Season

Lastly, Keith says that if your system is old, the “off season” is a good time to shop for a new HVAC system.

“Many contractors have a lull in activity right now, and are willing to give you a better value to keep their techs busy,” he says. 

Think ahead and you may get a bargain on your system or installation.

The low season is also a great time to schedule tune-ups, because technicians are busiest in the hottest days of summer and the coldest days of winter – when most breakdowns happen and issues occur. You’ll get more attention and better flexibility with the timing of your service call if you call when they’re not busy.

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