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Lower Home Energy Bills with Landscaping

Posted by Brooke on Oct 8, 2014 10:27:00 AM

Landscape your Minnesota Home for Energy Efficiency

Lower home energy billsWhen we think of landscaping we most often think of how a lovely yard adds beauty and value to a home. But did you know that certain landscaping strategies can actually help reduce your heating and cooling costs from 10-30 percent? Here’s how.

Windbreaks: Properly selected, placed and maintained landscaping can provide excellent wind protection from your home. By creating a windbreak on your property you can reduce the amount of wind, or wind chill, that hits your home and thus, considerably reduce your heating costs. In Minnesota, the most common windbreak includes:

  • Dense evergreen trees and shrubs
  • Planted at the north and northwest areas of the property
  • Planted away from the home - The best protection from wind occurs when the windbreak is no more than the distance of one or two tree heights from the house.

Shade Trees: On the contrary, deciduous trees are best planted at the south and west facing sides of the house. These shade trees (choose a tree with a high crown) provide excellent shade in the summer (to help keep your home cool) but when those leaves drop and the tree is bare for the winter, it allows the winter sun to enter your home and provide some additional warmth.

All plants and shrubs should be chosen to best fit your home’s climate and soil, and new plantings will take a few years before they mature to a level to really make a difference in your energy bills.

Consider plantings that will not only make your property more beautiful, but will help you save money on energy bills, as well. You’ll get a surprising return on your investment! For more tips and advice on how to reduce energy and maintain home comfort, contact your local Minnesota heating and cooling expert


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