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How to Make Your Home Comfortable

Posted by Laura Landvik on Aug 4, 2014 2:53:42 PM

Whole House Approach to Heating and Cooling Your Minnesota Home

When we think of HVAC we mainly think of heating and air conditioning. But really, there is a lot more to getting your whole house to be efficient and comfortable than just your heating and cooling systems.
How can you achieve home comfort and energy efficiency?

Heating and Cooling

Let’s start with the obvious - does your home have an efficient furnace and air conditioning system in place or are you wasting a lot of money and energy on antiquated systems? If you’re truly interested in being ‘green’ consider checking to make sure your air conditioner is running efficiently or by changing out older systems and buying a new air conditioner.Make your home comfortable

Air Quality Issues

Do you have an air purification system in place – usually they work with your HVAC systems. You can maintain good air quality in your home with actual systems, or with improved ventilation (windows and fans).

Hot Water Systems

Don’t ignore your hot water heater – it’s one of the biggest contributors to your energy bills. Once again, have it regularly maintained or replace an older model for a newer, more efficient one.

Insulation, Air Sealing and Weatherization

If you’ve got your HVAC system updated and running efficiently, you certainly don’t want to lose that cool or heated air through leaky windows, doors or due to poor insulation. Make sure you’re keeping that air you’ve heated or cooled from escaping your home by fixing any air leaks or insulation deficiencies.


Maybe this isn’t on your radar, but if you want an efficient home, you need efficient lighting! One of the most important energy saving tips every homeowner should know is to select energy-efficient light bulbs and fixtures, and installing lighting controls to automatically turn lights on and off. They’ll last longer and use less energy (and you’ll spend less on your energy bill).

If you’re in an old home or you’re building a new home, you can take a whole house approach to HVAC. Start paying attention to all the systems in your home, take care of the easy repairs and plan ahead for bigger changes. You’ll end up with a more comfortable home, while being friendly to the environment and your pocketbook.


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