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Home Inspection Checklist

Posted by Robin on Jul 11, 2014 2:12:00 PM

How to Inspect Your Home to Prevent Energy Issues

You are ready to take a long hard look at the condition of your home – both inside and out. Is it showing wear and tear? Does it need repairs or things replaced? Are you wasting money and energy due to problems with air leaks or humidity problems? Here is a basic checklist for a DIY home inspection: 

Home Exterior 

  • Siding, Doors and Windows: look for holes, gaps, or areas that might be leading to air leaks. Make note of places that need repair or replacing. Common problems deal with caulk or weather-stripping.
  • Landscaping: do you have overgrown trees that are affecting your shade or sun in your home? Is the grading such that you have moisture problems in your basement?

  • Gutters: another source for water/humidity problems in a home, so make sure the downspouts and gutters are clear of debris.

  • Lighting: put energy-efficient light bulbs in all your fixtures to save money without losing anything in the quality of the lighting (do this on the interior of your home, too). Home inspection checklist

Home Interior

  • Plumbing: look for drips or leaks or moisture issues in general that increase the humidity levels in your home (which make your air conditioner work harder).

  • Electrical: are things like your ceiling and exhaust fans operating as they should? Do your outlets need some insulation? Are your smoke and CO2 detectors in good working condition? All these things make your home healthier and safer.

  • Appliances: are you keeping your appliances clean and in good condition or is it time for an energy-efficient upgrade? Consider getting rid of that old energy-hog freezer in the garage.

  • Systems: always keep the filters clean and the area near the systems in your home free of dirt, dust and debris. Get a HVAC system check-up for your water heater, air conditioning unit and furnace to make sure they are in great shape for any season.

  • Attic: double check your insulation is at a proper level and you have adequate venting. This can play a big part in how hard your systems have to work to keep your home comfortable.
Hopefully you’ll discover just a few items that need your attention – things that’ll take just a few hours of your precious weekend. If you are concerned about anything you see or find, consider consulting a home energy expert, who can do a more thorough inspection of your home and help you resolve any issues you may need to address – which will likely save your energy and money.

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