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Home heating: Carrier's Infinity System will keep your home comfy all winter long

Posted by Amy on Nov 8, 2011 9:13:00 AM

Forget the fuzzy slippers! Carrier's Infinity Control system brings you cold weather comfort and lower utility bills.

Heating your home in the winter
Winter in Minnesota usually means chilly temperatures and sky-high utility bills. But talk to your local Twin Cities Carrier dealer and they'll tell you that the Carrier Infinity® ICS Furnace with advanced IdealComfort™ IdealHumidity™ technology delivers quiet, consistently-maintained heating performance. It also reduces temperature swings by half for total home comfort. Factor in the efficiency-boosting variable-speed blower and Infinity® Heat Pump, and you get a home heating system so advanced, so smart, it automatically selects the heating source able to keep you comfortable most efficiently.

Controlling indoor humidity
Keeping your home warm is just half the battle when cold weather hits. Dry, static-y, stale air can wreak havoc on your home comfort. But with a Humidifier enhancing your Infinity® Home Heating System, indoor air is continually re-moisturized, keeping you more comfortable, even at lower temperature settings. Add a Performance™ Series Ventilator and Infinity® Air Purifier, and you’ll enjoy clean, pollutant-free fresh air and still maintain efficient, whole-home warmth.

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