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Farmer's Almanac Forecasts For Summer 2015

Posted by Kelly on Apr 2, 2015 1:59:00 PM

What Kind of Summer Can We Expect in Minnesota? 

SummerWhile the upper Midwest is just climbing out of a long winter of hibernating indoors and heading into what we hope will be a bright sunny spring, we say why not look ahead even further to see what summer has in store for us!  Will it be days of umbrellas and thunderstorms, air conditioning and ice cold beverages, or many mild afternoons spent outside? We can’t really know for sure, but we can turn to a couple of very popular publications for some early predictions – The Farmers’ Almanac and the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

The Farmers’ Almanac was founded in 1818, and the Old Farmer’s Almanac in 1792, with both almanacs claiming to be accurate 80 percent of the time. Both publications offer long-range forecasts of how the weather will be year-to-year – some even two years in advance – which seems pretty suspicious since some meteorologists can’t always predict the next week’s weather. They both say their predictions come from top-secret math formulas passed down generation to generation.

So, just for fun, what do they have to say about this upcoming summer in our area?

In the upper Midwest, the summer is supposed to be much drier and hotter than average, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Be prepared to turn on the air conditioner from mid-June through mid-July and then again in early August because, that is when the hottest periods will occur.

For comparison, they also predicted below normal snowfall and temperatures this winter in Minnesota, which was pretty accurate for the most part. We didn’t get much snow, which they predicted, but overall temperatures were much milder than normal, not colder.

Some other notable items they predict for the rest of the country this summer are:

  • California will likely still continue to have drought this summer, despite winter downpours.
  • Areas of the country in hurricane zones shouldn’t expect a very active season overall, but a major storm could hit the Gulf Coast near the end of August.
  • Most of the United States can expect a hotter than average summer with a drop in rainfall, which they say could hurt farmers in the heartland.

Whether you think that almanacs are books to live by or a bunch of malarkey, we can all agree that winters will be cold and summers will be hot. It’s all about your own preparation to make them as comfortable as possible when you need to be inside – and for that you know all of us will have you covered!


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