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Easy Improvements Before Selling Your Home

Posted by Jordan on Feb 20, 2015 4:55:53 PM

Cost-Effective Improvements to Add Value To Your Home

When you decide to sell your house, you want to make the most money you can get. Since you’re selling,
Selling your home though, you obviously don’t want to spend money on improvements unless you know you can recoup the investment. To help you on your journey, we’re highlighting some of the quick, cost-effective improvements you can make to add value when you put your home on the market. 

Get ‘The Look’

Let’s be honest: looks sell – and that’s no different in your home. A nice, neutral coat of paint or touch ups to a wall are just scratching the surface of the inexpensive improvements you can make. You can add a lot of charm for the price of a can of paint, but making sure you have uniformity in your house leaves a great impression, too.

Getting updated, matching outlets and light switches are an economical option. As is buying new registers and grilles (air vents) that also add value without busting the budget. You may not want to replace all of them, but Keith Hill, manager, technical support at Minnesota Air says you should replace those in high traffic areas that are dented and scratched up. 

“Refrain from changing from metal to fancy wood grilles, because wood grilles are more restrictive to airflow,” he says. “If you do change to wood grilles and registers, have a professional evaluate the airflow to ensure that they will not cause equipment trouble down the road.”

Highlight Your Home’s Safety

Anyone looking for a new home wants to make sure it’s a safe place before they plunk down a down payment. Think about it – a safe neighborhood, a safe street so their kids can play, a safe house to live in. Getting an HVAC system tune up with a combustion test is a way to show buyers you are serious about your home’s safety, too. Knowing the system has a clean bill of health and is operating efficiently will be attractive to the new owner and let them know that they won’t need to invest in a new furnace or air conditioner right away.

Making sure things like the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have new batteries and are running properly help, too. Also, if you’ve never tested your home for radon, now’s the time.

“Do it early in the process so you can deal with bad results if needed and retest,” says Keith. “Documented good results will help you sell a healthy home.” 

Indoor Air Quality Improvements 

Indoor air quality items also seem to draw attention from prospective buyers, says Keith.

These items are the inexpensive HVAC add-ons like a whole-house humidifier, air cleaners, and UV lamps. Air cleaners help remove particles and pollutants from the air of your home. Humidifiers can help control the moisture in the air to prevent mold and other damage from happening to you home. (Imagine dry skin and static shocks in the winter gone!) And UV lamps help eliminate germs and bacteria in your home.

Most of these items are options that will recoup their value and help make your home stand out from the rest.

“My own experience in selling a home with a ventilator, humidifier, high efficiency filter, and a UV lamp proved to me that both the future buyers and the realtors were very interested,” says Keith. “I fielded a lot of questions from both parties, particularly on the UV lamp, the ventilator and the filter. I believe that it helped me sell my home ahead of other similar homes competing at the time in what was then a seller’s market.” 

Finally, replacing your thermostat can provide a lot of bang for the buck. Since it “represents” the HVAC system in the living space, a nice looking digital thermostat makes a very good first impression.


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