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Common Indoor Air Quality Issues in your Home

Posted by Brooke on Sep 9, 2014 11:04:00 AM

Air quality issuesClean Up the Air in Your Home

Air pollution is a serious health issue facing the world and the communities we live in. But did you consider that the air in your own home, might be the bigger health issue for you when it comes to air quality? Due to the Minnesota weather, we spend a lot of time inside our homes; which means we are often trapped for long periods of time with the same stale air. What are some common indoor air quality issues and what are some simple solutions?


Look at your cute family pet as a big contributor to allergens in the home. But don’t overlook other common contributors as well, like dust and smoke from any smokers in the house. Cooking odors, pet odors, and musty smells all affect the air in our homes as well.

Household Items

It’s hard to believe, but the cleaning products we use to get rid of some of these allergens also contribute to poor air quality. Household cleaning products, fragrances to ‘freshen’ the air, and beauty products like hair sprays all affect air quality. Also many home improvements bring with them new issues – like paint vapors and chemicals in new carpets and flooring.

Household Problems

A leaky window or damp basement can leave you with mold issues, which absolutely affects the health of the air in your home. Air leaks can allow critters inside the home, which of course, are unwanted guests for a variety of reasons.


Perhaps the humidity in your home is out of balance, or your furnace is old and inefficient. Or perhaps you just can’t ever remember to change those air filters. All these things dramatically affect the air quality in your home, simply because these appliances aren’t operating at their highest level.

Side Effects of Poor Air Quality:

Some people suffer mild, almost annoying symptoms when troubled by poor air conditions, but for others, air quality-related illnesses are a big deal. Common symptoms for issues related to air quality include: tiredness, headaches, cold and cough symptoms, and allergy symptoms like itchy eyes and congestion. Left untreated these health issues can become more severe – leading to potentially chronic wheezing, coughing and respiratory problems.


Don’t ignore the cause of these problems, because you can make changes to improve your home air quality that will bring big improvements to the air quality in your home. Simple fixes include improving the air flow in your home. For many of us that is just regularly opening the windows and doors and letting the breeze bring in some new fresh minnesota air into your home. Obviously if you have severe allergies, this isn’t really an option. But there are home ventilation systems that can be installed that constantly supply your home with a flow of fresh air, improving the overall quality of air you live in.

Figure out a way to clean your air filters – they are there to stop particles from making their way through your ductwork and floating around your home! If the air filter isn’t the problem, you may want to consider upgrading your HVAC system altogether, which will improve the air quality in your home and cut down on your energy consumption.

Other options include fixing the issues that might be contributing to let’s say, that wet basement or the mouse problem. Keep the family pet well-groomed, empty the vacuum bags routinely, clean regularly to keep the dust to a minimum. And choose products that are more eco-friendly - there are good options out there for cleaning products and for paints and beauty products as well.

Look around your home for the possible culprits that are affecting the quality of air you live in and then do something about them. You and your family deserve to breathe easy.


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