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Benefits of a Furnace Check-Up

Posted by Laura Landvik on Aug 18, 2014 3:03:00 PM

What to Expect in a Fall Furnace Check-Up

The days are getting shorter, the nights are cooler and school starts in a few weeks. Don’t wait for the firstFALLFURNACEEDITED freeze to have a reputable HVAC technician come and give your Minnesota heating system a good tune-up. Early fall is a good time to schedule a furnace check-up, as things in the Minnesota heating and cooling world are a bit quieter. But what should you expect from a fall furnace check-up?

Typically a technician will come and do the following:

Full-scale Inspection

Your technician will take a thorough look at your system to identify problem areas and replace components that are beginning to wear out.

Comprehensive Cleaning

They will also complete a cleaning of the entire furnace system, making sure that dirt buildup is removed so that wear and tear are reduced, maximizing the efficiency of the furnace.

Related Inspection

An inspection of related components should also take place, including the ductwork and any add-ons like humidifiers or air purifier systems.

Offer Professional Advice

Take advantage of your tech’s expertise and listen to any suggestions or advice they may have for you on issues such as future concerns or problem areas, or even the investment of a new HVAC unit.

You may think it’s okay to skip the check-up this season, or perhaps you are tempted to just wait and see how your furnace operates before calling in the professionals. But think again. There are benefits to maintaining your HVAC system with regular check-ups:

Better Furnace Efficiency

Dirt is the main reason why furnaces don’t function as well as they should. Having your unit regularly cleaned by a professional can reduce the friction dirt causes in many of the furnaces important components, like the motor and heat exchange. Dirt causes the system to have to work harder and use more energy. A clean system means your unit can run more efficiently.

Improved Comfort

A dirty system impacts just how well your furnace can heat your home. By having it cleaned it will operate at peak capacity, and provide your family with the best home comfort.

Extended Life

A heating system generally lasts around 15-20 years. A furnace is a big investment and with proper care and furnance maintenance, most HVAC experts believe homeowners can extend that life span even further.

Lower Lifetime Costs

A clean, well-cared for system can ward off wear and tear and component failure, keeping your repair costs low or even non-existent, and energy savings high.

Planning to have a check-up on your furnace is the right thing to do. Just make a call to a Minnesota heating expert, such as Carrier, and schedule an appointment for fall. You’ll have all the confidence that your home will be warm and cozy, and ready for the heating season.


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