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5 Tips for Staying Warm at Fall Sporting Events

Posted by Laura Landvik on Aug 27, 2014 11:02:33 AM

How to Stay Warm at a Cold Weather Game

We love our fall sports in Minnesota. From high school to college to professional sports, we embrace the season and cheering on our favorite team. You may be sweating through the first few games, but you know you'll be bundling up way before Minnesota winter hits. What are some creative ways for staying warm during fall sports events?

Check the Forecast

Start by watching the Minnesota weather reports and plan accordingly. What is the chance of precipitation? How windy is it? Will it be sunny or cloudy, what's the temperature? Pay attention and then make your plans.

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Energy Saving Tips for a Minnesota Winter

Posted by Laura Landvik on Aug 25, 2014 3:25:53 PM

Advice to Reduce Home Energy Costs During Winter

Before you know it, we’ll be shutting up the house and preparing for the long Minnesota heating season.
It’s never too early to consider ways to help reduce energy consumption and costs. Here are some easy fall and winter energy tips:

Let the Sunshine In

Open the curtains on the south side of your home to maximize the winter sun’s warming powers. Just be sure to shut those same curtains once the sun is down to keep the warmth in and the cool out.

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Tracking Down a Great Story: Kent Hrbek, Carrier and ALS Bobblehead

Posted by Laura Landvik on Aug 22, 2014 1:28:00 PM

History Behind a Unique Baseball Bobblehead

Kent Hrbek is a Minnesota classic. He played his entire 14-year career for his hometown MLB team, was the first player to hit a home run in the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome and was instrumental in the Twins' World Series championship in '87 and '91. Of course, it seems right to have our Minnesota baseball legend honored as a bobblehead!
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How to Know When to Replace Your Furnace

Posted by Laura Landvik on Aug 20, 2014 4:09:00 PM

When Should You Buy a New Furnace?

Nobody really wants to spend a chunk of change on a new furnace, especially if it’s an unexpected purchase. But you can be somewhat prepared for that major purchase (mentally and financially) if you are aware of the signs that your furnace is nearing its end. You may want to replace your furnace if you experience the following:

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Benefits of a Furnace Check-Up

Posted by Laura Landvik on Aug 18, 2014 3:03:00 PM

What to Expect in a Fall Furnace Check-Up

The days are getting shorter, the nights are cooler and school starts in a few weeks. Don’t wait for the first freeze to have a reputable HVAC technician come and give your Minnesota heating system a good tune-up. Early fall is a good time to schedule a furnace check-up, as things in the Minnesota heating and cooling world are a bit quieter. But what should you expect from a fall furnace check-up?

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Where to Find the Best Fall Colors in Minnesota

Posted by Laura Landvik on Aug 14, 2014 10:27:44 AM

Experience Fall Foliage in the Midwest

Minnesota becomes a tourist destination in the fall, with the brilliant changes in colors and cooler temperatures.
And yet many of us locals miss out on the beauty of our state. Make plans now for a day trip to see the amazing display of colors in Minnesota. You have (at the maximum) a six week window to make it happen, so plan now to experience the fall colors at their best.

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What it Costs to Heat a Minnesota Home

Posted by Laura Landvik on Aug 12, 2014 11:07:02 AM

How Much Should You Pay to Heat Your Minnesota Home?

Although we’re still concentrating on keeping our homes cool, soon we’ll be thinking about heating our
homes, and the costs associated it. There are many factors that play into that equation, but here are some typical things to consider regarding costs to heating a Minnesota home.

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Preparing Your Minnesota Home for Fall Weather

Posted by Laura Landvik on Aug 7, 2014 3:13:38 PM

Fall Maintenance for Minnesota Homes

Minnesota weather changes in a hurry, so it's never too early to start thinking ahead to fall home
maintenance. Some things you can just mentally plan for at this point, others you can get on the calendar right away. All of them need to get done at one point or another. So here are a few items for your ‘fall maintenance to-do list’.

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How to Make Your Home Comfortable

Posted by Laura Landvik on Aug 4, 2014 2:53:42 PM

Whole House Approach to Heating and Cooling Your Minnesota Home

When we think of HVAC we mainly think of heating and air conditioning. But really, there is a lot more to getting your whole house to be efficient and comfortable than just your heating and cooling systems.
How can you achieve home comfort and energy efficiency?
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How to Select Your Minnesota Heating and Cooling Specialist

Posted by Laura Landvik on Jul 30, 2014 2:28:33 PM

Who should you rely on for heating and air conditioning in Minnesota?

The best. It’s that simple. With a century of leadership in the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) world, Carrier dealers are the best choice for your family’s heating and cooling needs and air conditioner repairs in Minnesota. Whether it’s Minnesota heating and cooling repairs, air quality maintenance, energy saving, or home comfort concerns, you can trust Carrier’s extensive network of qualified Factory Authorized Dealers for the following:

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