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The new Infitnity iTouch Thermostat from Carrier

Posted by Amy on Jul 17, 2012 9:33:45 AM

The all new Infinity iTouch user interface from Carrier gives you control and customization, all in one sleek thermostat.

This is more than your regular thermostat. Danny, from Stay Comfy, Minnesota, breaks it all down in today's video:

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Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Posted by Amy on Jul 13, 2012 8:28:57 AM

Purchasing a new heating and/or cooling unit is a big investment. This investment requires some thought, consideration and research. Once you've decided on the ideal heating and cooling unit for your home, you want to feel secure that you made the right decision and a smart investment.

At Stay Comfy, Minnesota we understand that the process of purchasing an HVAC unit for your home can be a daunting one. That's why Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If after one year you are not satisfied with your installation, your local Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer will repair or remove the installed components for you while you receive a full refund on the original purchase price.

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Do I need to change my furnace filter in the summer?

Posted by Amy on May 3, 2012 8:57:00 AM

Did you know that a dirty filter is one of the most common reasons for expensive air conditioner/HVAC service calls here in Minnesota?

In the spring we all like to open our windows and let the fresh air in, but we are also letting in dust and dirt. And when the furnace blower is running, the air in the house is circulated, stirring up that dust and dirt. Thankfully we have our air filter to collect the debris from our furnace blower.

If you are not changing your furnace filter regularly, the debris circulating in your home will begin to build up, causing the filter to become restricted (not allowing the proper airflow required for A/C operation).

When there is insufficient air flow across the A/C coil (evaporator) the furnace is starved of airflow and the temperature of the refrigerant drops below 32 degrees. This can become a problem because the air being circulated has moisture in it and that moisture will freeze when it hits the cold coil. As the A/C continues to run, moisture-filled air will continue to freeze and you'll end up with a big block of ice sitting above your furnace!

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What is your ideal indoor temperature?

Posted by Amy on May 1, 2012 8:27:00 AM


Do you ever have thermostat wars in your house? You like it a few degrees cooler while your significant other likes it a few degrees warmer. So where is the ideal setting for your thermostat?

Most homes and offices keep the temperature set at about 68° to 70°. According to research done by the Helsinki University of Technology, the ideal temperature for productivity is between 70° and 73°. Research has also shown that the ideal sleeping temperature is between 65 and 72°.

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What customers are saying about Carrier

Posted by Amy on Feb 28, 2012 8:04:30 AM

When you live in Minnesota, you expect a lot from your heating and cooling products. From the extreme heat and humidity of the summer to the frigid temperatures in the middle of winter, our furnaces and air conditioners are the unsung heros of home comfort!

So when you're looking to purchase some new heating and cooling equipment in the Twin Cities or greater Minnesota area, you want something that will stand up to extreme weather conditions and something that has been tested and proven to be the best. For occasions such as this, the team at Carrier likes to let their customers speak for themselves...

I purchased a Carrier air conditioner because of the advanced refrigerant Puron and high SEER rating. The 30 year service of the previous Carrier air conditioner was a good testimonial to the quality of the product.
—Roger C.

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Ductless Systems from Carrier

Posted by Amy on Feb 14, 2012 3:39:00 PM

What is a Ductless System?

Not every room has ductwork for heating or cooling. Sometimes providing adequate comfort in commonly used spaces means wasting energy elsewhere. Usually these spaces lack ductwork; however, hot or cold spots can exist even in rooms with ductwork.

Carrier® ductless systems are innovative heating and cooling solutions that make sure non-ducted spaces are as comfortable as any ducted space, so you can expand your living and work areas.

How can Ductless Systems work for my home or business?

Ductless Systems for the Home
Spaces without ductwork currently or those that don’t seem to be getting the heating or cooling they need, such as room conversions, room additions and older homes, are just some of the spaces that can see a real difference in comfort and potential energy savings.

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Puron Refrigerant : The environmentally sound refrigerant

Posted by Amy on Jan 19, 2012 4:45:00 PM

Environmentally sound, chlorine-free Puron® Refrigerant is the environmentally sound refrigerant choice. And it's no surprise that Carrier was the only manufacturer to develop indoor cooling products using Puron Refrigerant. Carrier offers the experience of having introduced the first air conditioners with an alternative refrigerant in 1996—6 years before other manufacturers caught up.

Today, Carrier has engineered an entire line of heating and cooling products with Puron Refrigerant, available right now to make your home more comfy.

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Home heating: Carrier's Infinity System will keep your home comfy all winter long

Posted by Amy on Nov 8, 2011 9:13:00 AM

Forget the fuzzy slippers! Carrier's Infinity Control system brings you cold weather comfort and lower utility bills.

Heating your home in the winter
Winter in Minnesota usually means chilly temperatures and sky-high utility bills. But talk to your local Twin Cities Carrier dealer and they'll tell you that the Carrier Infinity® ICS Furnace with advanced IdealComfort™ IdealHumidity™ technology delivers quiet, consistently-maintained heating performance. It also reduces temperature swings by half for total home comfort. Factor in the efficiency-boosting variable-speed blower and Infinity® Heat Pump, and you get a home heating system so advanced, so smart, it automatically selects the heating source able to keep you comfortable most efficiently.

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Furnace repair: how does a gas furnace work?

Posted by Amy on Nov 3, 2011 8:45:00 AM


Before you can go ahead troubleshooting or repairing a gas furnace, it is important to understand exactly how it works.

Basically, a gas furnace takes in the cold air, cleans it through your air filter, then heats the air up with a gas burner before distributing the warm air through your home's ductwork.

The heated air eventually cools down in your home's various rooms and then makes a trip back to the furnace through return air grills and ductwork, where the process starts all over again.

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Looking for a new furnace? Look to the Carrier Infinity ICS Modulating Gas Furnace

Posted by Amy on Nov 1, 2011 10:02:00 AM

When you're looking to invest in your home heating, you want to make sure you are getting the best furnace out there. And there are some things you should look for when you begin the process of shopping for a new heating unit. This article from offers some great tips for buying a furnace.


But we're here to make your shopping experience even easier! Let us, your Twin Cities Carrier dealers, introduce you to the Infinity® ICS Gas Furnace - Carrier's ultimate gas furnace, with up to a 95% AFUE and precision temperature control. It's also the quietest furnace you can buy.

  • Carrier's quietest furnace ever!
  • Up to 3.5 times tighter temperature control
  • IdealComfort™ technology
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