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What customers are saying about Carrier

Posted by Amy on Feb 28, 2012 8:04:30 AM

When you live in Minnesota, you expect a lot from your heating and cooling products. From the extreme heat and humidity of the summer to the frigid temperatures in the middle of winter, our furnaces and air conditioners are the unsung heros of home comfort!

So when you're looking to purchase some new heating and cooling equipment in the Twin Cities or greater Minnesota area, you want something that will stand up to extreme weather conditions and something that has been tested and proven to be the best. For occasions such as this, the team at Carrier likes to let their customers speak for themselves...

I purchased a Carrier air conditioner because of the advanced refrigerant Puron and high SEER rating. The 30 year service of the previous Carrier air conditioner was a good testimonial to the quality of the product.
—Roger C.

Our old furnace and air conditioner was a Carrier which we had installed around 35 years ago. We would be using it still but we wished to upgrade to a more efficient model. We have been so pleased with Carrier’s products and services that we tell everyone we see about Carrier.
—Joe and Joan T

Why wouldn't I buy a new Carrier AC unit?! My old one was installed in the summer of 1973. During the years while I owned it I had one service call on it. That is as reliable as you can get. I look forward to a similar experience with my new unit. I did not ever think about or consider any other unit than Carrier.
—Karen O.

After 30 years of trouble-free service, we decided it was time to replace our old Carrier air conditioning system with an energy efficient, Carrier Puron model. We considered no other brand, because we understand and trust Carrier's reliability.
—John S.

It doesn't get much more honest than that! You can see other Carrier customer testimonials on the Carrier website, but we also want to hear from you! Do you own Carrier equipment? Have you been happy with it? Feel free to leave a comment letting us know about your Carrier experience!

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