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Repair or Replace: Air Conditioner Tips for Homeowners

Posted by Brittany on Sep 2, 2015 2:26:01 PM

If you’ve ever been stuck wondering whether to repair or replace something after it breaks, you are in good company. Is it worth the money to get it fixed or should you just buy new? That’s the question many ask themselves when their car breaks down, their computer crashes for the hundredth time, or their air conditioner stops keeping them cool. Well, since we’re your experts at keeping you comfortable in your home we’re here to help you with the latter. Here are our air conditioner tips for homeowners when you’re deciding whether to repair or replace your AC. 

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Topics: Cooling, Energy Efficiency, Summer

Finding an Air Conditioning Repair Service Near You

Posted by Kelly on Aug 28, 2015 11:26:06 AM

If you attempt to turn on your AC one hot summer day and it doesn’t turn on, or all you get is hot air blowing out, then you know something is wrong with your air conditioning unit. You can try troubleshooting some things yourself if you are armed with a little knowledge. But when it comes to finding a reputable air conditioning repair service company — we want to help!

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Understanding The Basics Of Your Air Conditioning System

Posted by Kelly on Aug 25, 2015 2:22:45 PM

Your air conditioner has kept you cool all summer, but have you ever wondered how it works? It’s a modern-day miracle that we can control our indoor environment to keep us comfortable. If you were to go back in time 200 years and tell your ancestors about it, they probably wouldn’t believe you. “A magic box that cools your home? Wait, how are you here from the future?” We take for granted the wonder of air conditioning efficiency, so how does this little miracle unit do it? Let’s spend some time examining the basics of your air conditioning system.

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4 Easy Tips to Increase Air Conditioning Efficiency in Your Home

Posted by Brittany on Aug 20, 2015 5:49:25 PM

Most of us are looking for ways to save money. We may carpool, clip coupons, turn off the lights when we leave the room, or put off taking a family vacation in order to balance the family budget. Fortunately, energy bills are one area where it can be easy to cut costs—if you know what to do. During a hot summer, your AC can be the biggest energy sucker in your home, so here are four tips to increase your air conditioning efficiency. After all, there’s no reason you can’t be comfortable and still save a little money. 

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Topics: Cooling, Energy Efficiency

Everything You Need to Know About AC Installation Costs

Posted by Brittany on Aug 18, 2015 6:01:00 PM

Fall will be here before you know it, but before you start prepping for cooler weather, why not look into whether or not you’ll need a new air conditioning unit. This is especially important if you’ve noticed your AC has been running less efficiently this summer. Ask yourself: have you had to make a lot of repairs? How old is it? How efficient is it compared to a newer model? This may be the time to buy a new AC unit, but in order to know if it’s the right time for your budget, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about AC installation costs.

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How to Lower Humidity in Your Home

Posted by Brittany on Aug 13, 2015 6:34:49 PM

Once we reach the final stretch of summer, you may find yourself riding the thermostat roller coaster, turning the temperature up and down depending on if it’s a mild day or a steamy one. However, hopping on that ride won’t be fun when it comes to getting lower humidity levels. If you want the humidity in your home to be comfortable, you need to keep moisture out. It may be tempting to open the windows in mild weather, but if it’s humid out – don’t do it. Here are some ways to lower humidity in your home.

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Smart Thermostat Comparison: Côr™ vs. Nest vs. Honeywell

Posted by Brittany on Aug 11, 2015 11:12:00 AM

The marketplace for smart thermostats got even bigger with the launch of Carrier’s Côr™ thermostat earlier this year. If you are doing a smart thermostat comparison, there’s many to choose from – Côr™, Nest, Honeywell Lyric, etc., and we at Carrier and are here to tell you why the Côr™ Thermostat stands out above the rest.

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Topics: Carrier, Energy Efficiency, The Côr Thermostat

What is a MERV Rating? Understanding the Effectiveness of Air Filters

Posted by Brittany on Aug 6, 2015 5:54:49 PM

We talk about air filters often in this blog, and that’s because it really is one of the easiest and most important things to take care of to maintain your home’s HVAC system, and essentially, your home’s comfort. Picking a good filter for your home and understanding the efficiency of it has gotten easier with a ranking system – called a MERV rating – that grades filters on their effectiveness.  Here’s how understanding the MERV rating will help when you’re in the hardware aisle, picking out your next filter. 

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Topics: Air quality, HVAC

Achieving Home Comfort: Ways to Control Your Home Humidity Levels

Posted by Brittany on Aug 4, 2015 1:20:18 PM

Humidity plays a major role in your body’s comfort. Humidity is moisture; it’s the wetness in the air, and we can feel it on our bodies, too. Often times we think of temperature as being a main factor in comfort, but as anyone in Minnesota will tell you, being cold is not as bad as being cold and wet (or being hot and sticky for that matter). That’s why we want to share with you some simple ways to achieve home comfort by controlling your home humidity levels.

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Topics: Air quality, Summer

Hiring an HVAC Pro: 5 Things You Need to Know

Posted by Brittany on Jul 31, 2015 8:39:41 AM

If you’re new to homeownership or have never had to hire a professional for home repairs or maintenance—it can feel a bit intimidating. You may not be sure what to expect, and you could be quoted a price but don’t know what you are getting for your money. When it comes to heating and cooling systems, we’re here to teach you the five things you need to know when hiring an HVAC pro.

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Topics: System Maintenance, HVAC

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